WOW Hotel

Hotels often become the first window for guests to ponder upon the heritage and culture of a place; a quick glimpse inside a different universe. Playing on this thought, the team at Designers Group decided to capture the essence of the peacock bird and place it right at the epicenter of their design philosophy for the Wow Hotel in Indore.

Starting right from the artistic glass façade that hints peacock feather designs accentuated by creative lighting to the backdrop of the reception area that adorns a 3D wall art inspired by the same theme, every element in the hotel is thought from ground up to follow the elegance and poise of a peacock. Vibrant blue and gold, primary colours of the bird, are paired with muted tones to form colour palettes for all common areas in the hotel. Intricate metal work, lighting installations, vibrant furnishings and art pieces further add to the overall cultural vibe of the space.

The overall design showcases the intelligent use of indigenous materials and cost-effective locally sourced design elements. It also serves as a constant reminder of the once flourishing population of peacocks in the surrounding areas.