Pride Plaza

Pride Plaza

Pride Plaza

Nagpur, India

2L Sq. ft

The brief for the project was to convert an old rundown building in the heart of Nagpur into a fancy top-of-the-line premium hotel that could compete with the booming hospitality scenario of the region. The initial step by Designers Group was to fix the cluttered layout of the building and open-up the space. The new layout offered a glistening ambience conferring onto a substantial amount of daylight in the premises.

Once inside the building, an extensive central atrium encompassing the reception doubles as a focal point for the hotel. The back of house (BOH) areas are retained from the older design layout and refurbished to fit the existing brief while a new café and office areas are introduced onto the floor. The existing bar was refurbished and designed to be conveniently switched into a lounge space as and when need be. A complete rehaul of the existing acoustics including an anti-vibration treatment allowed taming of the frequencies restricting sound leaks onto the upper levels ensuring quiet in the hotel rooms.

The final result is an upmarket hospitality space with premium leisure spaces with a strong design focus that offer a healthy competition to top-notch hospitality giants in the region.