Royal Homtel Suites

Royal Homtel Suites

Sarovar Hotel & Resort

Mumbai, India

8375 sm

For the Homtel project, an existing residential building was acquired to be converted into a hotel. The challenge was to incorporate hospitality services in the building as the layout plan was approved by the authorities and the profile had to be retained. The column grid was pertinent to design a comprehensive suite instead of compact rooms with guest rooms and public areas being aligned in an efficient hospitality setting. The interiors are enthused with the local essence of Bombay in the form of Bollywood caricatures, movie posters, famous news articles, Mumbai locals, kaali-peeli cabs and similar graphics used as artworks. A substantial area is dedicated to public spaces for banquets and cafeteria.

The transition of the space from a residential complex to a hospitality space is seamless and unnoticeable.