Radisson Blu

Radisson Blu



16 Acres

Surrounded by manicured landscapes and green bliss in a tranquil resort setting is the Radisson Blu.

The hotel was assigned to Designers Group as a renovation project. The team decided to blend the serenity and greenery of Alibaug into the design of the property through earthy tones and an airy layout. Wood laminates help create a warm and cozy ambience while keeping maintenance costs low. The lobby is transformed into a subtle assortment of colours with blue, symbolising the coastal waters, as the primary shade. A dialogue between the interiors and exteriors is created through water bodies with artefacts and accessories made of blue cotton balls. A sustainable indigenous design language is integrated using Indian stone, recycled wood, and cement fibre boards. The open and spacious layout of the project ensures abundant natural light and ventilation.