KPIT Office

The KPIT office is designed to match the changing aspects of the contemporary work ethos. The management came to Designers Group in search of a unique and inspiring architecture style for their office. The plot is located in a serene green environment surrounded by hills. A myriad hue of colours, tints and shades create a synergy between the interiors and the tranquil exteriors of the space. The design scheme was set to achieve a minimal yet dynamic ambience that triggers a sense of motivation amongst the employees. The structure is divided into two levels with cabins, cubicles, and meeting rooms at each, where the ground floor comprises an experience centre and cafeteria. The corridors are laid out with carpets manifesting pathways and the interiors are enthused with greens. Coincidentally, KPIT as a brand is also denoted with blue and green, which is used as the primary colour palette for the overall interior grammar.