Gujarat International Centre

Gift International Club is one of the most interesting projects for Designers Group. The project is a hotel in most parts, constituting 96 rooms, with substantial area dedicated to recreational facilities. It encompasses public spaces like banquets and F&B for common usage between guests and club members, and dedicated areas for executive lounges and sports activities like badminton and squash courts, etc.

The club integrates nuances from the local architecture of Gujarat in the form of subtle artworks throughout. The notion was to depict festivals and local heritage of the state in a minimalistic contemporary design style. This inspired the mural in the lobby that reflects the firki/chakri used in kite flying – a prime festival in Gujarat. The property also takes its inspiration from the Tree of Life motif represented in the Sidi Saiyyed tomb, an intricate heritage structure in Ahmedabad. Most of the ornamentation, jaali pattern references for the interiors come from this motif, which forms an artistic representation of a tree believed to grow in paradise according to Islamic mythology.