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Luxury way of Living in Intergenerational Homes

Not since the early years of this century had the family “unit” possessed so many generations. Out of favor in recent times, health, economic and psychological factors have coalesced to make multiple generations living under one roof commonplace. The best modern home design for multigenerational living will not automatically mean that the living situation will be easy and breezy. The right modern home design for an intergenerational living should achieve the perfect balance of privacy, togetherness, and household harmony.

Intergenerational living involves family members of different generations spending time together. At the same time, we all need a separate space with privacy to spend time apart. An intergenerational home should provide multiple spaces for different family members or generations to enjoy downtime separately. However, each space need not be dedicated to a specific function. Therefore, planning for enough flexible living space will allow everyone the opportunity to have the luxury they need.

Located in Pune, Mr. Jagtap’s Bungalow is crafted by Designers Group as an intergenerational home with an interesting amalgamation of luxury and elegance. The client has numerous friends and peers. So, he requested a chipper clutter-free home that serves as a great place to host guests and extended family for occasions and celebrations. As a second home for the client, the brief simply called for an ultra-luxurious and larger-than-life biological retreat with a charismatic ambience. Each bedroom is designed uniquely to meet the needs of the specific occupant. The bedroom designed for the client’s grandparents resonates with their personal choices and desires. A four-poster bed, a study area, and comfortable loungers were bestowed in the room keeping their reading habits and other requirements in mind. The brick wallpaper and wooden flooring used for the entire design scheme resonate with their grounded character and strong values. At the same time, the design allowed for numerous opportunities for the family to gather. An open-to-sky cantilevered passage on the first floor is directed towards the home theatre cum family lounge, where one can endure a complete theatre experience with recliners or enjoy intimate family time. The 50 feet-long balcony on this floor is designed to rejuvenate, as it displays the picture-perfect scenic view of the sunset beyond the lush greens of the backyard. This ideological retreat reflects the high standards and expectations of the occupants. The flexible spaces that it provides for family time, along with the transitional colour palette and unique and purposefully chosen decors, make this intergenerational residence truly one of a kind.

A similar lavish penthouse for Mr. Amit Jadhav has been designed by Designers Group, as an intergenerational home. The design was conceived as the charisma of luxury hospitality spaces being reflected in the opulent bungalow. The penthouse intends to achieve a harmony between minimalism and regalism with a few surprise elements that would appeal to all four generations living here. As per the desires of different family members, the interiors are predominantly painted with distinct shades of whites and blues along with the unique interplay of geometries to infuse a contemporary scheme into the house.

The design of these homes acts as a guide to designing Luxurious intergenerational homes. The need for multigenerational homes is increasing more and more in recent times. Designing for multiple generations is definitely filled with challenges. However, with proper solutions for the needs, privacy, and accessibility of everyone, your multigenerational home will be one full of love.